Author Q&A | Bachelor Girl, Kim van Alkemade


Today, as part of Simon and Schuster Canada’s #TimelessTour blog tour of historical fiction, I’m interviewing Kim Van Alkemade, author of Bachelor Girl.

1. If you lived during the time period in your book, how do you think you would have fared and why?

In 1920s New York City, I like to think I would have been an independent Bachelor Girl like Helen wanted to be. There were women pursuing careers in the theater, women were at the forefront of many of the labor movements at the time, and there were many jobs for women in commerce. Because most colleges were only for men, women who did pursue higher education didn’t have to compete with them in the classroom, and many women forged life-long connections with each other. In my first novel, Orphan #8, I explored what life might have been like for a woman who realized she was a lesbian during those years. I hope I could have settled down with someone I loved and had a fulfilling life and career!

2. If you lived in the future and were to write historical fiction about 2018, what do you think you would write about and why?

Looking back at 2018 as historical fiction, I think it would be a challenge to explain how pervasive technology and social media are in our lives, but that’s a theme I’d be interested in. I can imagine writing about a band of people who reject the prevailing technology and try to live off the grid, and how the world around them keeps intruding on them no matter what they do. So, apparently, I would try to make the future more like the past!

3. What was it about Jacob Ruppert’s story that caught your interest?

Col. Jacob Ruppert was so enigmatic. Despite the many available details about his life, his personality remains a bit of a mystery. I liked being able to imagine how the events of his life might have impacted his personality, such as the way his parents shunned his sister for marrying a divorced Jew. He also was friends with so many famous people, and had such public accomplishments, that it was easy to envision him in historical situations. His life brought together so many different strands of American history—from immigration to Prohibition to baseball, from the Gilded Age to the Great Depression—that his biography allowed me to explore a wide time period while staying centered on one character.

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Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for the invitation to participate in this blog tour.

1 thought on “Author Q&A | Bachelor Girl, Kim van Alkemade

  1. Great questions! 🙂 Love Kim’s answers, too. Jacob Ruppert was definitely a fascinating person to write about! A historical fiction novel set in 2018 is super interesting and I love Kim’s take on it! Thanks for sharing, Jaclyn! 🙂

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