Author Q&A | Come from Away, Genevieve Graham


Today, as part of Simon and Schuster Canada’s #TimelessTour blog tour of historical fiction, I’m interviewing Genevieve Graham, author of Come from Away.

1. If you lived during the time period in your book, how do you think you would have fared and why?

Before Come From Away, I’d written four books based in the 1700s, and considering those harrowing living conditions—I can’t even camp, really—I think I’d fare pretty well in the 1940s! As a woman I’d not only live a million times more comfortably than we did two hundred years before that, I’d have a vote, basic equality, and more job options. I’d have electricity and running water and indoor plumbing. I’d wear those cute pin-up dresses and dance to big band music whenever it played!

2. If you lived in the future and were to write historical fiction about 2018, what do you think you would write about and why?

It’s impossible for me to think about writing anything like that, because as I have with all my books, I would base the story on an event during that year rather than on a political mindset. I believe I know where this question is coming from, and though I have my own, quite strong opinions on today’s politics (which I prefer to keep to myself), I have no interest in writing about them.

3. What was it like revisiting the characters from Tides of Honour and imagining how Audrey and Danny would have changed after 20 years?

Bittersweet, I suppose. No one likes to think about getting older, do they? I missed the two of them so much after I finished Tides of Honour. Mostly Danny, actually. I connected so closely with him it was if I’d lost a brother when the book was done. So I was really happy to work with him again for Come From Away. He’s the same man he’s always been, but he’s stronger now. Seasoned, I guess. Still a man of honour, still a man haunted by memories and fighting back every day. A man who loves his family with a fierce sense of responsibility. And still a man passionately in love. Every time he and Audrey looked at each other I felt the same energy buzzing between them.

Celebrate historical fiction with the Timeless Tour, from April 16 – May 4!

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Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for the invitation to participate in this blog tour.

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