Review | Falling into Right (Redemption County # 2), Sharon Kay

36230911I absolutely fell in love with this love story. Falling into Right begins with an actually adorable meet-cute, when Becca Gable slips and falls in a courthouse on her way to pay a fine. Police officer Shane Marlow and his K-9 partner Denver give her a hand up and lecture the teens who’d spilled pop on the floor, and as far as Becca is concerned, that’s the end of the story. Becca has just come out of a long-term relationship with the county treasurer, who broke up with her when she was convicted of a crime and therefore became a political liability. So Becca’s well aware that a relationship with a cop is highly unlikely. Fortunately for her, fate has other plans, and Shane shows up at her door to return the driver’s license she dropped.

Shane is just one of the sweetest, most understanding romantic heroes I’ve ever encountered. He faces his own personal demons, being ex-military and a survivor of an IED blast that killed half his team. He is a reluctant celebrity hero; despite the county’s accolades, he is uncomfortable with the attention and lives with the guilt of his teammates’ deaths.

Becca is dealing with her own trauma. A series of personal tragedies leads up to the crime that lands her a criminal record, and she gives up a lucrative career in finance for an entry level job at a seniors’ home.

While the chemistry between Shane and Becca was super hot, what made this story so compelling was the deep, emotional connection they formed with each other. Even more than the steamy details of their attraction to each other, it’s Shane’s compassionate response to Becca’s halting confession of her past that made me melt. I love how they bonded over their shared pain, and I love how Sharon Kay resists the easy platitudes and instead allows both characters to work through their experiences together.

As an animal lover, I also absolutely loved Shane’s K-9 partner Denver, who can switch from adorably goofy to fierce protector in the blink of an eye. There’s a scene where Denver curls up next to Becca to comfort her, and Shane realizes that Denver does that only to humans he considers family, and that was just the sweetest moment.

There’s a suspense subplot as well, as a stalker hounds Becca with reminders of her crime. The stalker’s identity and motivations aren’t all that much of a reveal, but I liked how it forced Becca to confront her past and how special her relationship with Shane is.

Falling into Right is the first book I’ve read by Sharon Kay and it’ll certainly not be the last. It’s a wonderful sweet and sexy romance with a strong emotional core, and it’ll make you melt and fall totally in love with this romance.


Thank you to the publisher for an e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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