Review | Twisted Truths (Blood Brothers # 3), Rebecca Zanetti

34616646When Noni’s infant niece is kidnapped by a gang led by the baby’s birth father, Noni goes online to track down her ex-boyfriend Denver Jones, a talented detective who Noni hopes can rescue her niece. What Noni doesn’t realize is that Denver is in hiding himself, from the evil doctor who genetically engineered Denver and his brothers to have superior intellect and strength, and that by posting their photos online, Noni has put herself in danger from the doctor and her henchman.

Twisted Truths is the final book in a series, and I would highly recommend reading the other books first. Zanetti does a fairly good job at reviewing the backstory, but as a new reader, it felt like an info dump, and it took me a while to warm up to the characters. In particular, the beginning of Noni and Denver’s romance happened in a previous book, so without that history, Noni’s desperate search for him felt a bit obsessive (why couldn’t she just hire another detective?). There were also multiple references to how different he’d presented himself to her previously, and without the context of just the version of Denver she had fallen in love with, I couldn’t understand how she could be just as much in love with such a drastically different man.

The suspense part was a bit easier to follow than the romance. The evil doctor wants Denver back to join her genetically engineered army, her henchman wants to kill Denver and his brothers for having killed his brother years ago, and Denver and his brothers want to kill them both. The doctor was a bit of a cartoon villain, which made it difficult to take her seriously, despite how dangerous Denver and his brothers said she was. At one point, she even giggles over having done the dastardly deed of writing on the heroine with black marker — I can understand the violation Noni must have felt, but that bit of villainy felt more like a high school bully than an evil mastermind.

Her henchman Sheriff Cobb was framed as an evil bully, but I actually felt a bit sympathetic towards him, because his motivation is revenge over his brother’s death in a fire set by Denver and his brothers when they were children. Again, this is a point where having read the earlier books would have helped by giving me a bit more context into Cobb’s villainy. As it was, when Denver taunts him by lying about how much pain Cobb’s brother was in as he died, Denver was the one I found cruel and for a moment, I almost wanted Cobb to win.

As the final book in the series, Twisted Truths brings back the characters from the previous books — Denver’s brothers and the women they love, and another group of genetically engineered brothers whom I believe where the heroes in another series by the same author. These characters come together to help Denver and Noni rescue the baby and end the evil doctor’s master plan. Once I got into the rhythm of the story and got to know the characters a bit better, the story picked up and the action scenes were fun to read. Denver also has to deal with some heavy emotional moments, and I like seeing his brothers coming together to support him. The ending is lovely and heartwarming, featuring somewhat of a family reunion and a promise of Denver and his brothers joining up with the other group of brothers and forming a much larger family. Given the horrific childhood they faced, and the struggle they went through to learn to accept familial love, this felt like a nice and fitting ending to the series.


Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for an e-gallery in exchange for an honest review.

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