Review | Mistakes Were Made, by Meryl Wilsner

MistakesWereMadeMistakes Were Made was scorching hot! The sparks between Cassie and Erin were off the charts. The sex scenes were lots of fun, and I also really loved the sweet moments like how they cooked together over FaceTime. Both heroines were also really well-developed characters; I enjoyed getting to know them both, and quickly got invested in cheering them on towards their happily ever after.

I’m not usually a fan of age gap romances, and the best friend’s parent trope usually squicks me out. But I found the f/f dynamic actually made these tropes more enjoyable for me here, I guess because there’s less (to me) of a power imbalance? It also helped that Parker seemed really young/immature, and Cassie did seem older, so the age gap between Cassie and Erin didn’t feel as large. I also liked how Cassie sometimes “mothered” Erin as much as the other way around, like how she helped Erin relax about the holiday party.

My one gripe was with how easily/smoothly the main external conflict was resolved. A lot of the drama around that seemed to have been fixed off-screen. While that was nice in terms of the characters getting their happily ever after, and while the way the author did it was technically believable, to the point that I kinda guessed the way it was heading, it was still a letdown. I wish it had actually played out onscreen, and explored a bit more, because that conflict was too significant for hand-waving.

Still, overall, I really enjoyed this novel, and liked how the author handled the age gap/best friend’s parent trope. I’m definitely curious about the other romances she’s written!


Thanks to St Martin’s Press for an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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