Author Guest Post | Come from Away, Genevieve Graham


Today, for Simon and Schuster Canada’s #TimelessTour blog tour on historical fiction, I have a guest post by Genevieve Graham, author of Come from Away. 

In Come from Away, the heroine Grace meets Rudi at a Christmas party. For this post, Genevieve Graham shares her own romantic story in the snow!

Guest Post by Genevieve Graham

I’m going to cheat on this one. My particular romantic experience didn’t happen at Christmas, but it did happen in the snow. It was March 28, 1992, and I was skiing by myself at Sunshine Village, in Banff Alberta. If you are a skier, you know that when you come to the bottom of a double or triple (or quad) chairlift, you generally look for a partner to ride up the hill with. When a tall, handsome man in the line called out “Single!”, I joined him on the double chair. He was the same age as I was and extremely outgoing, with a warm smile. We ended up skiing together all day, then we made plans to meet up the next morning at Lake Louise ski resort at 10am by the inflatable (promotional) Coke can. I could hardly wait to see him – but that morning the friend I was staying with wanted to go out for a long, leisurely brunch. By the time I reached Lake Louise and discovered the inflatable Coke can was no longer on display, it was past 11:30. Utterly disappointed, I made my way to the ticket desk anyway … and found him sitting on a bench, looking just as utterly disappointed. Just like me, he’d been 90 minutes late, and figured we’d never meet again. We spent a wonderful second day together. Then we spent the next week together in Calgary. And guess what? Feb 19, 2018 was our 25th Wedding Anniversary. How’s that for romance?

Celebrate historical fiction with the Timeless Tour, from April 16 – May 4!

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Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for the invitation to join this blog tour and to the author for the post.

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