Author Guest Post | Songs of Love and War, Santa Montefiore


Today, for Simon and Schuster Canada’s #TimelessTour blog tour on historical fiction, I have a guest post by Santa Montefiore, author of Songs of Love and War

In Songs of Love and War, the heroine Kitty Deverill can see ghosts, and talks often with previous generations of Deverills who are trapped in the family castle because of a curse. For this post, I asked Santa Montefiore who she would like to meet and talk to, if she could see ghosts like Kitty did.

Guest Post by Santa Montefiore

Actually, I can see ghosts – or spirits – like Kitty can. That’s why I wrote about it. It’s a gift and I’m very grateful that I can tune into that vibration because I know without doubt that there is no death, just a transition and that those we love and lose are never really lost, just out of sight, and waiting for the time when we will eventually join them. I’m not a good medium as my ability to communicate is very limited. I get bits, and I sense their vibration – and feel their love and happiness, but if I could spend time with a spirit and really chat, I would like to see my sister. She died last year aged 45 and we were very close. I have seen her twice since her death, but to be able to embrace her, and talk to her, and reminisce about her life – and for her to tell me what she is up to now, would be a real gift.

Celebrate historical fiction with the Timeless Tour, from April 16 – May 4!

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Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for the invitation to join this blog tour and to the author for the post.

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