Interview with Switch author Tish Cohen

Hey all! Last month, I got to participate in Harper Collins Canada’s blog tour for SwitchTish Cohen‘s contemporary take on the classic Freaky Friday tale. What if you could live someone else’s life? Whose would it be? As I said in my review, I love the book, and I was impressed by how real it felt, despite the fantastical premise.

Thanks to Shannon at Harper Collins Canada, I even got a chance to ask Tish some questions! Lots of interesting answers, and best of all, good news for any readers like me, who wanted Joules to get more page time (Check out Question 6!). Enjoy!

1.      Why did you decide to stick to Andrea’s POV instead of switching between her and Joules?

I found Andrea’s point of view to be the most interesting. Her situation at home-being the only natural children of foster parents-intrigued me.

2.      I love the character of Gran. Did you base her on anyone in your own life?

I based Gran on my mother.

3.      I love that Gran gives unusual, one-of-a-kind gifts, like gloves from a fortune teller on a road in Africa. What was the most unusual gift you’ve received?

The sparkly feathered magic gloves from the book.  They were actually given to me by my mother for Christmas two years ago.

4.      In Switch, you deal a lot with the difficulties of growing up in a foster family. What interested you about foster parenting? And what in particular interested you about the only non-foster child in a foster family?

I am fascinated by the generosity of people who take in foster children. I am also fascinated by what it would be like to have your brothers and sisters constantly coming and going from your life.

5.      If you could have any famous rock star to be your father, who would it be and why?

David Bowie. He could sing Cat People to me as a lullaby.

6.      I found Joules such a compelling character, and I think she ends up having to go through even more drastic changes than Andrea does by the end of the book. Do you have any plans for a sequel, this time from Joules’ perspective?

Yes I do.

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