Mysteriously Yours

As I am a life long mystery fan, it’s probably no surprise that I chose to celebrate my birthday at the Mystery Dinner Theatre Mysteriously Yours. My sister and I went recently, and just had a ball. The case: Professor Plum has invited the world’s top detectives to compete for the honour of World’s Best Detective. Unfortunately, before a winner can be announced, someone is murdered. Who is the killer? And more importantly, can you solve the case? Those who have guessed correctly are entered into a draw to win a baseball cap. Don’t laugh: I really, really had my cap set on winning one.

Sadly, for all my confidence that I just knew who the culprit was, it turned out that I really had no clue. Bright side: I had a lot of fun anyway. (And I’m determined to come back for the next case and get a baseball cap then!) The best part is that the characters sit at your table and talk to you directly. So I got to chat with Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade and “Harry Podder” all in one night! (Yes, Harry is a detective. He found the Horcruxes, didn’t he? 🙂 In all seriousness, the actor who played Harry looks frighteningly like a taller, more baby faced Daniel Radcliffe. Highlight of the evening: he let me hold his wand. 😀 )

The case at Mysteriously Yours is an entertaining puzzle. It has red herrings galore, surprising plot twists, and lots and lots of hilarity. The actors made the rounds before the victim had been killed, which was a great way to chat with “famous detectives” about the most random things. At one point, “Miss Marble” sat at our table and told us how she was learning “North American slang.” A phrase she was particularly proud of was (and imagine a genteel elderly lady saying this in utter earnestness) “getting jiggy with it.” I was laughing my head off when I noticed my table mate studiously writing it down on her “Clues” sheet. Random comedic one-liner or important clue? Part of the fun is in guessing. 😉

Is that young waiter who just served your Sparkling Cyanide cocktail (irresistible name, in my opinion!) just there to serve drinks, or does he actually have a grudge against the victim? Who really won the title World’s Best Detective, and does it even matter? Will you win a baseball cap? (Okay, I’ll stop obsessing.) If you haven’t checked Mysteriously Yours out yet, definitely, definitely do.