Review | Seasons of the Witch: Beltane Oracle, by Lorriane Anderson and Juliet Diaz (illus. by Giada Rose)


Beltane is the season for growth and new beginnings. The Bee card (“Don’t drink all of life from one flower, for there are many to taste and many to explore.”) attracted me to this deck, and when I saw some of the other cards included, I knew this deck would be a wonderfully rich addition to my tarot and oracle practice.

Because, how absolutely beautiful are these cards? Each card’s message resonates with me, and has a beautiful prompt for reflection and journaling. The colour palette is muted, and the artwork gives off such calm and chill vibes that from the start, I can already see this being a deck I reach for when I need a bit of comfort and self-care. I also love the backs of the cards — the bee imagery and golden honey background give off that feel of renewal and possibility that comes with Beltane, and I just love the overall vibe of this deck.

The one snag for me is that the box is a bit snug; I find it hard to open, and a bit of a challenge to get the cards out. But the cards themselves are beautiful, with shiny gold foil edging. And unlike some of the larger, stiffer oracle decks out there, these ones are easy to shuffle. (I like using a riffle shuffle with bridge, and my hands aren’t big enough to make that work with many other oracle decks I’ve tried.)

The guidebook is lovely as well. While the one-liner prompts on the cards themselves already inspire deep reflection, the guidebook dives even deeper into the symbolism in each card. It also offers some concrete advice or messages that the card may be suggesting, so that helps for times when you’re looking more for quick answers than deep reflection/meditation.

The guidebook also includes some spreads, including one for interviewing your deck. That seemed a good way to get to know this deck better, so I’ve tried it below.


Main Takeaway: This seems like it’ll be a powerful, uplifting deck for my collection, one that can nourish me, boost my confidence, and remind me of the limitless potential within me.

1. What personality do you have?

Fertilizing. “Food is not the only thing that nourishes you, dear one. Be mindful of what you feed your soul.”

2. What is your strength?

Chant. “Hear me loud, hear me roar, for I am here in my truth.”

3. What is your weakness?

Sun god. “Come all, come now; expand into the skies and into the shadows below.”

I interpret this to mean the deck’s energy is very feminine and nurturing, and perhaps I’ll need to dig a bit deeper if I want to understand the more masculine aspects of the readings.

4. How will this deck help me grow?

Pegasus. “Break free, dear one, spread wide and far for you aren’t containable — you are limitless.”

5.  When should I call on this deck for guidance?

Fae. “Not everything is as it may seem. Be cautious, dear one, for these is a story beneath the tale.”

I interpret this to mean that this deck will be helpful when my spidey senses are tingling, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. This deck can help me connect to my intuition, and figure out what I’m picking up on but not quite seeing.

6. What is the best way to work with this deck?

Cow. “May the embrace of all that is nurturing you awaken in all that you are becoming.”

7. What will our relationship be like?

Flower crown. “Wear your power proudly and unapologetically for it is your birthright and is eternal like the soul.”

Overall impressions: This was my first reading with this deck, and I love how clear the overall message was. This deck works well with me on an intuitive level. I can see myself using it often, and I’m excited about doing deeper dive reflections, meditations, and journaling with it.


Thank you to Thomas Allen Ltd for a review copy of this oracle deck in exchange for an honest review.

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