Review | Between the Lies, Michelle Adams

37912967In Between the LiesChloe Daniels wakes up after a car accident with no memory of who she is or how the accident happened. Her father happens to be a psychologist who specializes in memory, and he keeps her at home with their family, claiming that he’s helping her get better. However, as memories begin trickling back in, Chloe realizes that they don’t quite match up with what people are telling her, and she has no idea how to parse out the lies from the truth.

I love psychological thrillers, so this one seemed completely up my alley. It’s a compelling concept and a solid thriller, but it never quite gripped me. I sympathized with Chloe’s predicament. I thought her father was downright creepy, and the first few chapters revealed twist after twist, such that the reader is kept off-balance almost as much as Chloe is. Adams also does a good job in making it plausible how Chloe is unable to escape her family’s home and figure out the truth on her own. But I think after a while, it just got a bit much, and the revelations in the first half of the novel started to lose my interest.

The novel did pick up in the second half, when Chloe connects with a friend and starts delving into her own investigation of the truth. The bad guy and their motivation weren’t too difficult to pinpoint and while Chloe’s cluelessness was understandable, it also did get a bit irritating after a while. Still, it was a solid, enjoyable read as layers are finally stripped away from the truth, and the novel speeds on towards its conclusion.


Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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