Review | Careless Love, Peter Robinson

40626875I’ve heard good things about the Inspector Banks series, and I loved the earlier title Sleeping in the Ground, but Careless Love was just okay for me. The characters are likeable, and the mystery is solid — Banks and DS Winsome Jackman investigate the death of a young girl who seems to have died by suicide and DI Annie Cabot and DC Gerry Masterson investigate the death of a man who seems to have fallen off an embankment.

I was personally more drawn to the story of the young girl, as it delved into the lengths girls and women sometimes need to go in order to fund their education or other life needs. There’s also a reference to a bad guy from Banks’ past, which long-time series fans may appreciate.

Overall, the book was a solid enough mystery with some interesting parts; it just never quite grabbed me completely. Still, Banks and his team have fantastic chemistry together, and long-time fans will likely enjoy this latest instalment in the series.

Also, kudos to the cover designer, because that cover art is beautiful.


Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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