The Romance of Running, with Love at First Run author Angel C. Aquino

Running in Cali2

Author Angel C. Aquino with her husband Roland. Angel says, “My cousin Raymond took us hiking in the trails of the Saratoga Gap in Santa Clara County. We did a bit of running there too!”

I have to admit, when I think of running, romance isn’t quite what comes to my mind. Angel C. Aquino did manage to make Diane’s training actually seem romantic in her novel Love at First Run, so I thought I’d ask what it is exactly that makes the activity hold such potential for romance.

Healdsburg Half

Angel and Roland enjoying a glass of wine at the Healdsburg Half Marathon. According to Angel, it’s “the best race ever with lots of wine along the racecourse and at the finish line!”

The Romance of Running – 5 Reasons Why Running can be Romantic

  1. Training together means a lot of quality time with each other.
  2. Endorphins! All the happy hormones will make you enjoy each other’s company even more.
  3. Exploring new places together through running allows you to build great memories.
  4. Nothing beats holding hands and crossing the finish line together.
  5. Having a post-run meal at your favourite restaurant makes for a great date.


There you have it! Have you ever fallen in love while running? In Love at First Run, Diana joins a running club to get closer to her office crush Paul, only to meet running hottie Josh on the trails.

Love at First Run is available in print in the Philippines and on Amazon Kindle internationally.

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Thank you to the author for an electronic advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Full disclosure: The author is a friend, and I’m super proud of her for writing a novel, but all views expressed on this blog are my honest opinions.

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