Review | Home Run by Heidi McLaughlin

32498490Home Run is such a fun romance! The second in Heidi McLaughlin’s Boys of Summer series, Home Run features star rookie Cooper Bailey, who falls in love with zoo event coordinator Ainsley Burke. Unfortunately, he needs to focus on his training, as he’s competing for his spot with veteran center fielder Steve Bainbridge, who had just decided not to retire. Cooper also has to deal with his father, who is the ultimate helicopter dad and practically bullies his son into eschewing anything not directly related to his sports career.

Adding to the barriers from their happily ever after, Ainsley has also made a vow to never date athletes. Partly because it makes no sense for a Florida resident to date a baseball player when he’ll be moving back to Boston after spring training is over, but also partly because both she and her mother have had their hearts broken in the past. by athletes. Ainsley is also dealing with her mother’s battle with cancer; she’s really close to her mother and, confronted with the possibility of losing her, she simply has no time or energy to waste on romance.

Still, when they meet, the sparks are immediate and intense, and when they go on dates, their compatibility becomes even more evident. I love Home Run because the characters are so real and the chemistry between them just sparkles right off the page. I use “sparkles” rather than “sizzles” because, despite the very real problems that keep the hero and heroine apart, there’s a fairy tale quality to this romance, and the chemistry between them isn’t so much sexual as it is an easy fit.

Home Run is a character-driven sports romance where much of the drama is caused by the main characters’ relationships with their families. It’s relatable and such a fun read. It’s the first Heidi McLaughlin book I’ve read, and I’m excited to check out her other titles.


Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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