Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway | Jungle Land, Eric Walters (Seven Prequels)


When thirteen year old DJ is invited by his grandfather on a trip to Central America, he may have expected adventure, but he certainly didn’t expect to be chased by gun-toting kidnappers and wild animals. Eric Walters’ Jungle Land, part of the Seven Prequels series, is a high octane thrill-fest of an adventure whose plot twists and cliffhangers reminded me somewhat of the Hardy Boys mysteries.

Just like the Secrets series (which I’ve read and enjoyed), Jungle Land and the other books in the Seven Prequels are standalone stories that share a common thread but can be read in any order.

Jungle Land is the prequel to DJ’s further adventures Between Heaven and Earth (Seven) and Sleeper (Seven Sequels). Want to learn more? Check out for more information on the series!

Q&A with Eric Walters


What do you love most about DJ’s character?

D.J. is strong, determined, and thoughtfully conflicted between how he feels and how he has to present to look like he’s in charge.  This is very much a result of taking on so much responsibility so early after the death of a parent.  The joke with this series is that we have all written our selves into our characters.  I lost my mother when I was four and can strongly identify with who this character is and what motivates him.

2. What made you decide to set this prequel adventure in the jungles of Central America?
I often set my books in places I’m either visiting or want to visit.  I spent a lot of time in Costa Rica – staying at a hostel for young surfers – trekking through the jungle, hanging around jungle waterfalls and rivers, talking to people.  It gives the writing some details that are essential to get it right.
3. What was it like to write for one of the characters in a larger series with multiple authors? Was there a lot of collaboration involved?
This was remarkably easy.  I was fortunate enough to have chosen the writers so I chose great writers who are also great people.
4. How have your students responded to your books? What do you find works really well in getting them excited about reading?
I wrote my first 20 novels while I was teaching and my students were my constant audience.  Now I have schools that act as test audiences to help me refine my stories.  It’s so important when you’re writing for children and young people that they are your audience.
5. Who are your top 3 favourite writers and why?
Jerry Spinelli, William Bell, John Steinbeck.  They all are dynamic writers who combine dialogue, description and action is a perfect blend.

Boxed Set Giveaway (Canada only)


The kind publishers at Orca Books have offered my readers a chance to win the entire Seven Prequels boxed set, including a copy of Eric Walters’ Jungle Land!

As you see in my blog post about Secrets, a blog contest is how I was introduced to these Orca Books series in the first place, and I’m really excited to share this opportunity with all of you!

Three Ways to Enter

  1. Enter on Rafflecopter
  2. RT my #SevenPrequels contest tweet at @jacqua83
  3. Like my #SevenPrequels contest post on Instagram at @jacqua83


Thank you to Orca Books for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and for the invitation to join the blog tour!

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  1. My grandmother turned 96 yesterday. Sadly, we never travelled anywhere together and I wish we would have. But if I could take her anywhere it would be on an Alaskan cruise. She used to love sitting on her porch and watching the birds. I think she would love the beautiful scenery of Alaska.

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