#HCCMarchMadness – Win 64 Books!

Here’s how it works – vote Murder in the Orient Express, American Gods, and your choice of Silverwing or The Hobbit and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or Book of Negroes, and you can win all of the 64 books that competed in HCC March Madness this year! Best news: that includes a copy of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, which I know many of you love. After all, Scout and Atticus demolished my third pick Wicked and were thisclose to beating my poor Murder on the Orient Express. (But Poirot still won, cue evil laugh now.) Anyway, click on four books, you can a shot at 64 books. Pretty sweet deal, eh? Vote here: http://hccmarchmadness.ca


(The fine print – Okay, so it doesn’t matter which book you pick in all four categories; you still have a shot at the 64 books. And okay, so I stole this trick from someone else on Twitter, even though I have no clue if it worked that time. But hey, no one reads the fine print, right? 😉 )


Not interested in winning 64 books? No worries. Just vote for Murder in the Orient Express and American Gods, and make me smile 🙂


Lots of great books in this year’s HCC March Madness, and whether or not you vote, definitely check out Murder on the Orient Express and American Gods. Click on the books to read the first few pages, or click here to see my thoughts on them.

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